Texarkana, AR Comprehensive Plan Update


Plan Introduction

Plan Introduction

The City of Texarkana, Arkansas, is in the process of updating its comprehensive plan. This process will include public input meetings, steering committee meetings, input from stakeholders, and City staff. The Plan will ultimately be reviewed and adopted by the Planning Commission and Board of Directors.


You may be wondering what a comprehensive plan is, or what it will accomplish for your City. The Plan is a guide adopted by a city to direct future growth and development. Unlike zoning, the plan is not regulatory in nature, but rather a tool and guide used by the Planning Commission and Board of Directors as they consider future decisions regarding zoning, development, and redevelopment. The Plan is flexible and lays out broad goals and objectives for the City for the next 20 years.


The State of Arkansas requires cities that regulate zoning and subdivision have an adopted Future Land use Plan and Master Street Plan. This is most commonly achieved through adopting a Comprehensive Plan that includes these components. The Plan will also include several other elements, such as a written plan document, demographics of the City, Infill and Redevelopment Planning, and other tools that help the Planning Commission and Board of Directors make decisions for the future of development within the City. 

Public input is key in the development of this plan, with the intent that the interests of citizens are considered.

Plan Process

Where are we in the Comprehensive Plan process?

The process of drafting The Texarkana, AR Comprehensive Plan elements will begin soon. The City will need public input to inform and formulate The Plan.

The City Planning Commission, City Staff, and City Planning Consultant will work over the next several months to develop draft plan elements and will incorporate public input into the decision making. A Visioning Meeting was held on April 28 to gain preliminary plan input from stakeholders and the public. 


The City will have a final Public Open House in March 2023 to discuss the Comprehensive 2040 planning process and draft implementation and guidance.


Ultimately, the plan must be adopted by the Planning Commission and Board of Directors.

Implementation of the Texarkana, AR Comprehensive Plan Update

When complete and adopted, the Texarkana, AR Comprehensive Plan will be used as a guide to help make decisions about many planning aspects within the City of Texarkana and the Planning Area.

Examples of how this plan can be used:

  • Support the update of subdivision and zoning regulations that will help the city meet goals.

  • Key areas for redevelopment or infill to be identified on a map and with recommendations

  • Allow the city to apply for grants and other funding contingent on long-range planning.

  • Provide guidance to the City when considering future rezoning requests.

  • Aid in decisions regarding capital improvement projects.

  • Set performance measures and benchmark goals to serve as a progress indicator.

While the Texarkana Comprehensive Plan is a 20-year plan, the plan will detail short-range, mid-range and long-range elements throughout the 20-year span.